Hello World!

19 May

Hello World!  This is the first message on my new teacherlibrarianworld blog.  I hope you enjoy the blog!  I envision it as a place where teacher librarians can get together and discuss great literature, ideas for teaching, and technology, as well as hash out issues concerning school libraries and support one another in our chosen profession.  This first message has to do with ensuring that school libraries are included in EASE (formerly No Child Left Behind).  I urge each of you to click the link and send the prewritten email to your congressional representative in the both the senate and the House of Representatives to secure government funding for our libraries in upcoming years.  Thanks and have a great day.  Here’s the post:

Contact Your Congressional Representatives Today to Secure Government Funding for School Libraries!

 The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are meeting right now to discuss reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (EASE, formerly known as No Child Left Behind), of which federal funding for school libraries is a part.  It could not be more important for congress to include funding for school libraries in this reauthorization; the future of many school libraries depends on it!  Please call, text, or email your representatives in the senate and the house of representatives  and ask them to secure this funding.  The following link contains a form you can use to email your representatives:

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