EReader/iPad permissions form for check out

27 Sep

With all of us starting to check out ereaders such as Kindles and Nooks now, there is a need for a permissions form to prevent problems that could arise from checking out these devices.  The students who want to check out an ereader need to take the permissions form home and have a parent or guardian sign it before they can check out an ereader.  By having a parent sign such a form, you are covered if the student damages the ereader, as the parent agrees to pay the replacement cost if the ereader is damaged.  You are also covered if the student does anything with the device that is outside of your school district’s technology acceptable use policy.  If you need an ereader/iPad permissions form to have your students take home, you are welcome to modify and use mine.  Here is a link to it:  Hermon Hutchens Elementary School Library Apple iPad Permissions and Acceptable Use Form (Revised and Approved).  (After opening this link, click on the Hermon Hutchens link to download the form.)  I got mine from Buffy Hamilton, the teacher librarian at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia, who generously let me modify and use hers.

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