Review: Joyland

08 Jul
Hmmm, what can I say about the latest installment in Stephen King’s extraordinarily impressive (and, make no mistake, it is very impressive) oeuvre?  Well, how about that it’s a ton of fun, especially to read during the summer?  That’s not only a good start, it’s a good way to sum it up.  As for the specifics, it’s about a young man, age 21, named Devon Jones, a college student attending school in New Hampshire who decides to go work at an amusement park by the beach in North Carolina for the summer before his senior year, and the mystery he finds there.


Don’t worry, I mean not to give away too much of this book (I’m always conscious of that when writing reviews).  Suffice it to say that there has been a murder at this particular amusement park, and the murder is unsolved.  From there–you guessed it–it turns into a whodunnit, but not just any whodunnit.  As with all of King’s best work, it’s replete with characters you want to get to know and know more about, as well as a highly entertaining story.  Let’s face it, King is an American treasure when it comes to storytelling- he’s a great storyteller, plain and simple.  In fact, I know of no better storyteller out of all the authors who have written and who are writing today.


As the plot of the book thickened, I delighted in wondering who committed the murder.  Another great thing about this book is that it’s only around 300 pages long, which was a nice break for me, since I read a lot of 900-plus-page novels.  Oh, I almost forgot: it’s a love story, too.  And Stephen King is great at writing love stories.  Just look at the love relationships in Bag of Bones or 11/22/63 to see what I mean; love in the stories he writes is powerful, elating, and exuberant! One more thing about the book: as with many or most of King’s work, there is a supernatural element in it.  Enough said.  Go out there and buy this one (it’s available in paperback only, as per Stephen’s request- it’s not available in ebook format) and enjoy.  There is no better summer read, and very few up there with it!

Rating (out of five stars): 5
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