Review: New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn

10 Sep

Note: This review does not contain spoilers.

Well, this has been the summer of Stephanie Meyer for me!  Last month I reviewed Twilight, the first book in Meyer’s excellent Twilight Saga.  Right after I finished reading that one, I rushed out to get the next book in the saga, New Moon; I was hooked, and hoped that New Moon was as good as or better than the first.  Guess what:  it is as good as Twilight!  Meyer is an incredibly talented writer, with an extraordinary gift of creating characters that readers care about and want to get to know, and painting settings with her words in such a way that they become like characters in themselves.  I said it before in my last review, and I’ll say it again: I have a new appreciation for the Pacific Northwest because of these books!

So are there any flaws in these three books?  Admittedly, yes, but they are few and don’t detract much from what is a tour de force of literary achievement.  The flaws are these: There is a section in Eclipse where I wished the plot would move along (the characters were too static during this time, not doing anything to advance the plot); and Breaking Dawn gets cartoonish at times (I can’t explain more without giving away too much of the book!).  Oh, and there is one clunker of a chapter ending (another thing Meyer does extraordinarily well is end chapters), and a smattering of clunky sentences (i.e. errors–these should have been fixed before publication).  That said, both are still excellent reads, and I have no complaints about New Moon; I enjoyed it as thoroughly as I enjoyed Twilight!

So Bring on The Host!  (I’ll be reviewing that one next month.)

‘Til next time, happy reading!

Ratings (out of five stars): New Moon – 5

Eclipse – 4 1/2

Breaking Dawn – 4 1/2

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